The Master of Business Administration

Your Path. Your Future. Your Success.

If you are beginning your career the FMU MBA program provides the necessary management and leadership skills to expand your career opportunities.  If you are an experienced professional, the FMU MBA enhances your ability to identify, analyze and solve executive issues within your organization. For all, the FMU MBA provides you with the skills and abilities needed for today’s challenges.

For the student with a business undergraduate degree, the program’s focus upon the application of analytics, ethics, innovation and global awareness will improve your executive management expertise.

Students with diverse undergraduate degrees such as; math, nursing, biology, engineering, and sociology will expand their knowledge and understanding of business concepts and the application of these concepts for executive decision making.

With the goal of stimulating interactive learning and relationship-building, each course is designed by professors who are committed to providing you with an excellent learning experience. All courses are hybrid. 

The program is 30 – hours and you may start in the spring, summer or fall.

It has provided a new perspective/broad view on how my individual decision, in my “department” will affect the business as a whole.  In other words, it provides the knowledge you need to understand the links between departments and the cause and effect relationship of each decision.”   MBA 2013 Graduate

…No matter what profession one had prior to the MBA, you develop a more holistic approach. You are able to discern and pick up on key facts that would have never even entered your thoughts before. It truly is an entirely different mindset. You shift from a narrow perspective to a broader approach for problem solving.     MBA 2013 Graduate 

MBA Courses (click for course descriptions)

MBA 700 Accounting Analysis
MBA 705 Economic Analysis
MBA 710 Business Analytics
MBA 715 Systems Design
MBA 720 Contemporary issues in Business
MBA 725 Applied Marketing
MBA 730 Leadership and Management
MBA 735 Operations Management
MBA 740 Applied Corporate Finance
MBA 745 Strategic Planning

Students who do not have undergraduate business courses will be required to take BUS 605 Business Tools for the MBA.