MBA Faculty

All of our professors are full-time, possess doctoral degrees and are published in academic journals and professional journals.

MBA 700 Accounting Analysis
Dr. Kay M. Poston

MBA 705 Economic Analysis
Dr. Ben L. Kyer

MBA 710 Business Analysis
Dr. Hari K. Rajagopalan

MBA 715 Systems Design
Dr. Allen E. Smith

MBA 720 Contemporary Issues in Business
Dr. Ben L. Kyer,  Dr. Kay Lawrimore BelangerDr. Hubert H. Setzler III

MBA 725 Applied Marketing
Dr. Kay Lawrimore Belanger

MBA 730 Leadership and Management
Dr. Hubert H. Setzler III

MBA 735 MBA Operations Management
Dr. Elizabeth Sharer

MBA 740 Applied Corporate Finance
Dr. Neil F. Riley

MBA 745 Strategic Planning
Dr. Fred R. David